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The personal injury, criminal defense and civil litigation attorneys of Miyoshi & Hironaka, LLLC have built a reputation throughout the Hawaiian islands for providing trustworthy counsel that is custom-tailored to each and every client.

Our Team

Each of our attorneys brings a wealth of experience in different legal practice areas, which allows us to offer flexible services that meet a wide range of legal needs. Whatever issue you are facing, we can match you with an experienced attorney at our firm or connect you with other counsel that can meet your needs.

To learn more about our attorneys’ experience and qualifications, please use the links below to view our complete profiles:

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Although we’re based in Honolulu, our law firm serves clients throughout the Hawaiian islands. If you’d like to meet with us to talk about your case, please know that there is no obligation on your part to hire us – all of our consultations are absolutely free of charge, as well as completely confidential. We will arrange an initial meeting at our office, at another location, by phone or over video conference.

Please contact us at 808-888-5050 to speak with a member of our team and begin protecting your rights.