Protecting Clients’ Interests Through Commercial Litigation

Do you have a dispute with a business partner, family member, (former) friend, employee, employer or some other individual or business regarding loans, goods or services? Our attorneys at Miyoshi & Hironaka defend and prosecute lawsuits in state and federal courts. We also represent clients in arbitrations, mediations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

We use our technical expertise, business acumen, and a common-sense understanding of the issues presented in each case. Our goal is to resolve your commercial disputes in a fair, efficient and cost-effective manner. If that is not achievable, we have the trial experience to litigate your case in court.

Our Clients’ Commercial Law Disputes And Resolutions

Our attorneys represent small to midsized businesses in a wide range of commercial litigation. Our lawyers were born, raised and educated in Hawaii. We apply our extensive litigation experience and in-depth knowledge of both legal and business communities in Hawaii to each client’s case. We always aim to preserve assets, reputations and business relationships in our clients’ favor.

We represent commercial clients in a variety of civil dispute matters, including:

• Contract dispute
• Landlord and tenant matters (commercial and residential)
• Real estate transactions
• Unfair and deceptive practices by a business
• Condominium and apartment owners’ associations
• Fraud and misrepresentation claims
• Employment law disputes, including contract problems
• Insurance coverage disputes

Our clients are concerned about their assets and also the future of the businesses they’ve built. “We’ve been sued. What does this mean for our future?” The uncertainty is worrisome and burdensome. They ask us ”How will this commercial dispute impact my business and my life?” We are deliberate about bringing clients into the center of their cases. We want clients to be ready to make the right choices when it is time to decide how and whether to settle claims or take them to court.

Stay Focused On The Bottom Line When Seeking To Resolve Commercial Disputes

To schedule a consultation about a commercial dispute that may lead to litigation, call 808-888-5050 or send an inquiry through our online form. From law offices in Honolulu, we serve clients throughout the region. We will meet with you at our location, at yours, or virtually through videoconferences.