When Probate Or Trust Administration Disputes May Lead To Litigation

Are you an expected heir or beneficiary who has not received an accounting or your rightful distribution from an estate or trust? Is there some other controversy affecting your rights under a will or trust or after a family member has died?

On the other side of the coin, are you an executor, personal representative or trustee accused of mishandling the administration of an estate through a will or trust? You may face allegations of breach of your fiduciary duties. Your estate administration responsibilities may be stalled if there is a will contest or litigation over how a trust is distributed.

Whatever the situation is, Miyoshi & Hironaka in Honolulu is a trusted resource for skillful representation in all types of estate and trust litigation. Our attorneys advise plaintiffs or defendants with trust and commitment as foundations in estate-related claims and lawsuits.

Respecting Your Rights And The Expressed Wishes Of The Deceased

For many people, probate and trust administration litigation is not only about money and technicalities. Rather, such disputes bring out emotions as our clients tell us with great conviction, “My recently deceased father (or mother, grandfather or grandmother) would not have wanted this to happen.”

Our lawyers are sensitive to the family dynamics that lie behind estate-related controversies between resentful siblings or between stepchildren and second wives or husbands of the deceased. Whenever possible, we aim to help clients resolve these disputes in ways that honor the integrity of the estate, the wishes of the deceased and the rights of the parties who are at odds with each other.

When Trust Or Probate Litigation Boils Down To Strictly Financial Interests

Sometimes estate litigation is initiated by business entities that focus solely on finances and have no stake in emotional or family legacy issues. Our lawyers are skilled litigators who work to protect families’ interests while minimizing losses to the estate through legal expenses in such cases.

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